Finance Update Q2 2014

Development Fundraising Progress Report # 4, June 2014

We are now three and half years into our fundraising for the new GAA building. Since our last update in December 2013 we have completed the following fundraising activities:

- Sale of 2014 Lisgoold GAA Calendars

- One more Cash for Clobber collection

Grants/External Funding

We have applied for funding from the 2014 Sports Capital Programme in March 2014 (, and we expect to be advised in Sept 2014 whether or not we have been successful in attaining any level of funding.

As always we are continuing to monitor any additional grant/external funding opportunities and will follow up on these as they arise. We are continuing to proceed on the basis that we will be meeting the full cost of the development from our own resources. In the event that we secure any such grants/external funding this will expedite our repayment capacity. Again if anyone is aware of such grant/external funding opportunities, do not hesitate to contact any member of the Finance Committee to ensure these avenues are being explored and followed up on.

Standing Order (SO) Scheme

A critical part of our ongoing success for our fundraising efforts remains heavily dependent upon the take up for the Standing Order scheme. If you haven’t signed up for this scheme yet (New to the Lisgoold GAA or to the parish), we need your support and for less than €2 per week per family we can continue to build on the solid sustainable financial footing we now have in place. Contact any member of the Finance Committee for a SO form, or to set up an Annual donation.

Our fundraising efforts for the remainder of 2014 are:

· Fourth annual Golf Classic taking place in East Cork Golf Club on 12th June 2014

o Tee Box Sponsorship @ €50, Entre a team (3 Ball ) @ €120 including dinner

· Cash for Clobber collections, with next collection taking place Wed 18th June 2014.

· Lisgoold Sporting Calendar 2015, which will be on sale in December 2014

We would sincerely like to thank everyone for all the support to date and into the future for the above activities.

Lisgoold Finance Committee:

· Patrick O’Mahony (086-3306510), Hilary O’Shea(087-6109821)
· Keith McSweeney (086-8244833), Norma Woods (087-9057236)
· Noel Hallahan (087-9744046), Cormac De Barra (087-2414930)